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Questions to ask the Owner

When renting any Disney villas, Florida villas, Orlando villas, Florida holiday homes and villas near Disney that are listed on the many websites you should always ask the following questions.

Ask if the cost you are being quoted for the Florida villa is the all inclusive price.You would be very surprised how many people do not ask this question. Make sure pool heat is included if you asked for it, any cleaning charges and tax.
Most site are priced with tax included.
Pool heat,sometimes BBQ hire may be extra.

Most of the Disney area villas do include bed linen and towels but there may be the odd one or two that do not include these items.It is always best to check if you need to bring our own as some Orlando villa owners expect you to bring these items.

Do I get directions to the Disney villa I have rented?
Most owners will supply you with detailed directions to the management company office to get the keys, or in some cases straight to the villa with a lock code. If you're visiting Florida for the first time and you are having to find your way to your Florida holiday home can be very stressful.This is especially true if you are travelling at night. If you do have any questions, always contact the owner.They will always be happy to help. After all they would like you to return to the home on your next visit and recomend friends.

How do we collect the keys?
Most Disney area villas are now fitted with a digital lock so this is not a problem. You just turn up at the villa and let yourself in.
Should you have to travel to a management company office and arrive after hours you will have a lock box code to gain access to the keys.Sometimes the office may be closed and you will need to make phone calls. The easiest way is to have a Orlando vacation villa with a lock box at the house with a keycode.

Can I bring my pet ?
Most Florida villa owners will not allow pets.This is not because they don't like pets but rather other guest following you may have allergies and so would incur extra cleaning charges.

Is smoking allowed in the home ?
Most owners have a strict no smoking policy inside the villa but most allow it outside in the pool area.

How close are you to Disney World and the other attractions ? Most Disney villa communities are usually within 15 to 20 minutes drive from the parks, some are closer.However, some may be well over 40 minutes drive away.

What happens if something goes wrong while staying in a Disney villa?
Before you leave home, make sure that the home owner provides you with a local phone number(s) that you can contact if there should be any problems.

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